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As one of the best preschools for toddlers, our mission is for children to discover themselves as creative individuals, curious learners, and team players in a supportive and caring environment. We offer a challenging, collaborative, and joyful way of learning which is essential for creating a foundation for life.

Child Daycare Programs

Our child daycare in Torrance, CA, focuses more on building trusting relationships within our staff members and with the families we serve. We strive to be a true partner of our families by supporting the learning journey of their kids. We do this by developing an exceptional foundation and delivering excellent educational skills to their kids. We also develop and ensure the perfect balance between academic and social instruction in their kids' lives.

Village Park is a high-quality preschool and early learning center for children aged 1-5 years. We are dedicated to offering each child the best and finest preschool experience. We have a developmental, multicultural, and anti-bias curriculum that is child-centered, experiential, and fun! We make learning easy for our students through imaginative and cooperative play. We also stress social skills and independence because excitement and enthusiasm help toddlers grow in their early years.  

When you search for preschools near me, you will find us the most trusted preschool in the area. Children and infants at Village Park learn and play in a calm, nurturing environment where qualified teachers implement and practice the Montessori philosophy.


All our staff is highly skilled, warm and caring. We provide personalized care to each and every child that meets their individual needs, giving them freedom of choice and helping them develop in their own time. That’s why we are one of the best preschools in Los Angeles.


Parents are also kept in the loop daily regarding the development of their children. Well-designed classrooms create a friendly, welcoming, and happy setting where children have the freedom to choose their work and discover their individual interests.

Infant Program:  6 Weeks - 24 Months Old

Our infant care program provides personalized care for your babies. Here, your babies will be well-taken care of by trained childcare professionals. Each baby will be provided with individualized care and schedules to meet their needs throughout the day. All babies have care plans individualized to each baby's needs. We have created a Happy and smooth environment for the babies to grow.

In the infant classroom, your child will be cared for by an enthusiastic and responsive teacher in a calm, soothing, and happy environment. Smiles, eye contact and loving interactions occur between infant and teacher during diaper changes, feedings, rest time and play time.

Our infant room includes your child’s own personal crib, age-appropriate toys, and low chairs all of which are cleaned and sanitized daily. In the infant room, schedules vary based on the needs of your child. Our teachers work with you to develop your child’s personal unique schedule.

Our infant program provides developmentally appropriate environments for our non-mobile infants, crawlers, and walkers.

We are dedicated to creating a safe, nurturing environment where babies can explore and interact with their environment


Learn more about our infant classroom by calling 310 5920970 or contact us online.


Infants               0 -12 Months     -->  Butter Cups 


Toddler Babies 12 - 24 Months  -->  Pooh Bears


Toddlers            24 - 36 Months  -->  Caterpillars 


3 Year Olds       3 - 3.5 Years      -->  Lady Bugs 


4 Year Olds       3.5 - 4 Years      -->  Butterflies  


5 Year Olds       4 - 5 Years         -->  Dolphins

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