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Preschool Trends Every Parent Must Know!

A kid’s brain is like a blank sheet of paper; whatever you give them, they will make a fantastic interpretation of their world view over it. The way parents nurture their children at home and how their teachers teach them in school significantly impacts their overall development. Here, the significance of early childhood education holds the key to laying a child’s educational foundation. A child eagerly learns new things and wants to add them to their list of experiences. It all makes early childhood education an essential part of their lives, which no parent should ignore. Therefore, if your child is of the age of a preschooler, search preschools near me on google and build the foundation of your child.

Plus, there is a common misconception that preschool education is all about learning basic skills; however, the curriculum also includes social and emotional skills. Your child will learn basic skills like intrapersonal communication, social interaction, and bond formation with their teachers and peers. These terms may look technical, but the essence lies in your child's emotional and social building. It will make them confident as they will learn to overcome their shyness by spending time with other kids.

However, recent years have seen a landmark shift in early childhood education administration. For instance, the introduction of technology brings a new form of customization to learning experiences. Even the covid situation has given the digitalization wave in the education sector. It helps children learn multiple things simultaneously and sets up the concrete foundation of their life. Digitalization of the education system is not the only trend, and there are other significant additions. Read on to know more.

Trends in Pre-school Education

With time, whenever the need is felt, humankind makes changes in the old system. The essence here is, developing and adapting to new without losing the essential features of old. The education system transforms after every few years as per the needs and requirements of society and the coming generation. Here are the current trends that are shaping the education sector.

Greater Focus On Physical Fitness

When we talk about education, physical fitness hardly comes to mind; yet, a child will not develop to his overall potential without physical health. This makes up why 13.9 per cent of children in the US aged 2-5 are struggling with the problem of childhood obesity. To overcome childhood obesity, the preschools are now adding more outdoor activities so that children can learn while playing games and doing outdoor activities. It makes them adapt to a more active lifestyle. Preschools have now come up with ideas to include sports activities such as dancing, football, physical education, etc. The inclusion of these activities in the curriculum will supplement the play time that can considerably help reduce the problem of obesity and build some healthy habits in children’s life.

Greater Demand For Qualified Preschool Teachers

Earlier, it wasn’t mandatory to hold a bachelor’s degree for a preschool teacher; however, it has become the criteria for better outcomes. Therefore, you or anyone applying for any preschool facility must know a bachelor’s degree is a mandatory requirement for positions like lead teachers. Plus, an associate degree in preschool education will get you an entry-level position. It is an emerging trend, likely to continue as preschool facilities require preschool educators who can set the best possible foundation for their children’s academic growth.

Digitalisation Of Class

Technology connects people, and so do the classrooms. The use of advanced infrastructure for educational purposes is bringing a much-awaited change. Technology is thus improving learning experiences for students by allowing them accessible and affordable access to educational tools and content. In other words, preschool educators use technology to enhance the learning process and reduce the costs of educational tools like textbooks. The ample amount of information available online, teachers can use both audio and visual mediums for directional purposes. It helps in the understanding of the concepts.

A Comprehensive Approach To Curriculum

Do you know why children mostly run away from books at first? Because they love and enjoy playing. They like to learn while playing, so instead of stopping them from performing their favourite activity, educators now bring play and learn to the centre of the preschool curriculum. It engages children and helps them understand their strengths and weaknesses. Unlike traditional learning approaches, emergent curriculum designs projects as per the interests of children. It allows educators to observe children and, according to the findings, plan the class projects based on their interests and skills.

Final Thoughts!

Preschool education is becoming more holistic, advanced, and inclusive today. It accepts the uniqueness in children and celebrates it by letting them freely learn in a playful environment. Moreover, it makes children learn the values of acceptance and inclusivity needed to shape our society. If you have more questions and are interested in learning what Montessori school Torrance, Village Park, has in store for early childhood education, visit our website once.

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