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How To Nurture Budding Independence In Preschoolers?

Children are always in search of independence from the moment they are born. You must have seen babies insisting on taking off their diapers with their own actions or trying to spoon-feed themselves. It is extremely important to give your children the opportunities to develop independence. This is the way they can build self-esteem in themselves.

Putting your kids in preschool gives them a great opportunity to nurture not only growth but also independence. Deciding to put your munchkins into preschool for toddlers is also the way to have some space for yourself. Let’s see how to nurture budding independence in preschoolers.

Set A Predictable Routine

A consistent routine is vital to building independence in kids. Similar to adults, when kids can know what their day looks like, they tend to become more responsible. Don’t confuse the routine with the schedule. A routine could be anything that occurs throughout the day. Brushing the teeth also comes in routine. Similarly, going outside to play also forms a part of it.

When children form the habit of living this routine daily, they do the activities more responsibly with less help. Let your child do the preparation beforehand. For instance – putting the toothpaste on the toothbrush, putting on their clothes, etc. Tell them that you have faith in their abilities to do these things without you, but you can also help them if they need it.

Give Your Child A Choice

You can give various choices to your kids to build independence in them. Let them decide what to wear or who to call. Do not see it as a free rein. Provide them with the two or three options and ask them to decide among these and make a choice. Giving them choices becomes all the more important when your preschoolers request you to do something on their own. For instance – Sometimes kids want to cross the road or street by themselves. It is something which you can’t take the risk with. So, you can give them a choice to hold your hand and then cross the street. It will keep them safe and make them feel empowered.

Let Your Child Help

Kids love to lend their hand for help. It is a great tool to calm them down and build a sense of control in them. When you allow your kid to help, it strengthens their confidence and allows them to learn new things.

For instance – Imagine you are making scrambled eggs. Pour the milk into a small cup, and then ask your child to pour it into the bowl. Now, collect the eggshells in a small bowl and ask your child to put them into the garbage. You will be surprised to know that kids are very excited to eat the food that they helped prepare. So, let them help with your daily chores.

Let Your Kid Solve Problems

It is very important to allow your child to solve the problems on their own. When your preschooler is learning to walk or crawl, let them fall. This is the way they will learn. In the same way, when your kid is learning to wear shoes, give them the chance to put the boots on the wrong feet. Wait for some time until your child comes to you and asks for help.

Giving your child the opportunity to do tasks that are a bit challenging helps them learn to deal with challenging situations. Do not forget to praise your children when they complete the task. Furthermore, whatever the outcome is, praise their efforts that they tried to complete the task.

Preschool Can Be A Good Way To Nurture Further Growth

You cannot deny the importance of preschool to nurture the growth and independence of your child. A preschool is the right place to make them learn the power of socializing and sharing, make them indulge in the extra-curricular activities, teach them reading and writing, and whatnot. It builds a sense of independence among the children. Preschool is a necessary path to let your child excel in the academic career. You can search for “Preschools near me” to take a look at the best preschools for your children. So, it is not wrong to say that preschool is a remarkable way to nurture the further growth of your children.

To Sum It Up

The toddler years are one of the most joyful times for you as well as your kids. Your kids learn to grow leaps and bounds with activities like walking, laughing, talking, singing, and many more. Nurturing independence among them not only benefits you as a parent but also gives them wings to perform better in their later lives.

At last, it is not wrong when Denis Waitley said –

“The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.”

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