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Checklist for Choosing the Right Daycare

Looking for a suitable daycare facility for your little one can be a daunting task. You spend hours researching and evaluating references just to land that one facility that offers safety, security, and holistic growth opportunities for your child.

Being away from your child can make you more anxious, but it is inevitable. Nuclear families with both spouses having full-time jobs have to make this decision. Many parents prefer nanny care, but it has its share of considerations.

Daycare Facility is the perfect balance of security and your child's overall growth and development. Use this guide to the daycare checklist and ensure all your concerned pointers are covered!

1. Location:

It is well understood that choosing daycare facilities closer to your house or workplace will be a win-win situation for you and your child. Proximity to the daycare will allow you to drop by every couple of hours to check on your child. Some corporations offer corporate daycare solutions for working mothers. There are several Torrance preschools that you can consider for your child.

2.Transportation ease:

You need to check for transportation facilities if you are unable to zero down on a facility close to your house or workplace. Find out if the daycare offers pickup and drop facilities for kids. If not, you have to consider the option to commute to and from daily. You can check out Torrance Preschools as per their proximity to your house or office.

3.Teacher-child ratio:

To ensure proper care and growth of your child, make sure that the teacher-to-child ratio at your selected daycare center is not too low. A ratio of 1:3 is considered optional for children up to the age of sixteen months old. It means having one dedicated teacher or daycare professional is adequate. As the child gets older and joins Pre-KG and KG, a ratio of 1:8 and 1:15 is perfect. There are Montessori for 3-year-olds that offer this suggested teacher-child ratio.

4. Reputation and reviews

You are not alone in this! Several parents are looking for daycare facilities that match their expectations. You need to do thorough research and talk to people around you- friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues. They are likely aware of reliable facilities. Checking classified ads on these daycare facilities' websites will also aid your search.

Make sure that the daycare you pick has a good reputation, is safe, and is recommended by mothers in the community.

5. Mandatory childcare facilities:

No matter the establishment you select for your little one, there are certain facilities and services that you should not compromise on. Here's the checklist:

  • Daycare professionals' and teachers' attention at all times and places

  • Trained staff and professionals

  • Toys, books, playthings, and creative activities. Make sure that the facility doesn't use TELEVISION as a substitute.

  • Medical facilities available, as well as the capacity to handle potty accidents

  • Clean furniture and bed linens

  • Open spaces and playgrounds for sports activities

6. Healthcare facilities:

Accidents are unpredictable. You need to select a daycare that offers modern healthcare services. Make sure that the professionals have received First Aid training and practice basic hygiene, which includes cleaning hands, disinfecting toys and floors, and using eco-friendly products. Good daycare centers have supervised open spaces and cross ventilation.

7. Staff Temperament:

Your child's environment at the daycare needs to be favorable because he will be spending a lot of time there every day. Talk with the staff, the daycare providers, and the serving teachers. It will be simple for you to assess the team's commitment to and expertise with child development as a parent.

8. Holistic growth facilities:

The first ten years of life are thought to be crucial for both physical and mental development. It is critical to determine if the daycare offers a learning environment for your child during their early years. Ask about the various hobby classes, planned activities, kids' daily schedules, interactive sessions, and disciplinary actions taken.

9. Cleanliness:

Make sure that the facility is clean and in good shape. If you can send off your child with home-cooked food, great! But if not, make sure that the daycare facility you decide to go with serves timely meals. Check the food menus, the cleanliness with which it is prepared, and portion sizes. If your child has any food-related allergies, communicate it to the professionals at the daycare.

10. Your child's approval

Bring your child for a visit to finalize your decision from among your shortlisted options. It's essential to choose a daycare where he appears most comfortable. Trust your maternal instincts and go for a facility that speaks directly to your heart! Making sure the daycare has an open-visit policy that allows parents to drop by anytime without notice is another piece of advice.

Trust your little one with Village Park!

Our Montessori at Torrance offers a holistic ambiance for creative and inquisitive young minds to bloom.

We have our staff and professionals fully equipped to care for your child, meet their needs, and let them grow and develop at their own pace.

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